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Treasure Solution is an investment financial advisory company that provides digital investment, retirement, and cash management services by using machine learning power. It diversifies the investments of stock-and-bond ETFs with no chasing stocks.  It charges a 0.25% annual fee while providing globally diversified ETF portfolios and has new strategies for crypto trading for higher returns.

Hugo Baron

CEO and Co-Founder

AI-Driven Strategy Achieve Your Financial Goals Smartly

We work with you to develop your next smart investment strategy. Our financial experts are always one consultation away to support your goals.

Achieve your desired investment goals

Kick start your basic investment goals with our AI guide that includes multiple options of stocks, bonds and crypto.

Your tensions are all ours

We are here to take care of everything, starting from the simplest tasks to the complex ones that involve advanced handling of your investment matters.

Hassle-free Investment Options

We are driven by AI technology designed to deliver you maximum investment support conveniently from your fingertips.