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Built to help you achieve your desired goals with your money. Invest with an automated, expert-built interface to create your own portfolio that uses machine learning power to unlock the secrets of the investments.

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A Wise Choice To Achieve Your Financial Goals

Treasure Solution is an investment financial advisory company that provides digital investment, retirement, and cash management services by using machine learning power. It diversifies the investments of stock-and-bond ETFs with no chasing stocks.  It charges a 0.25% annual fee while providing globally diversified ETF portfolios and has new strategies for crypto trading for higher returns.

Hugo Baron

CEO and Co-Founder

AI-Driven Strategy Achieve Your Financial Goals Smartly

We work with you to develop your next smart investment strategy. Our financial experts are always one consultation away to support your goals.

Achieve your desired investment goals

Kick start your basic investment goals with our AI guide that includes multiple options of stocks, bonds and crypto.

Your tensions are all ours

We are here to take care of everything, starting from the simplest tasks to the complex ones that involve advanced handling of your investment matters.

Hassle-free Investment Options

We are driven by AI technology designed to deliver you maximum investment support conveniently from your fingertips.

Thinking Of A Goal?

Let us make the smart move together and follow the best strategy to achieve that.

Friendly Solution

Treasure Solution helps you to oversee your money through cash management, guided investing, and retirement planning. We are a fiduciary, which means we act in your best interest. Treasure Solutions offers multiple services to make both your life and money matters smart and easier.

Result Driven

The team consists of AI engineers who have been developing their algorithms and Cubist Systematic Strategies for 10 years. We are an elite team specialized in trading medium-frequency statistical arbitrage strategies with high Sharpe.

Smart Achievement

Our team of investment experts make decisions about your portfolio strategies and fund selection with the help of an external committee of economists, PhDs, and industry experts. Being more than just a Financial team, our experts work to develop improvements to our Smart technology, our cash analysis tools, and other advanced strategies in order to tailor to your needs.

A Pricing Plan For Everyone

We care about each and every person which is why we have something for everyone. Please take a look at our pricing list that we have designed considering your needs.




A basic, free plan designed to provide a generalized service of Treasure Solution.

Daily Financial News

Limited Amount of Recommendations

Daily Investment Activities

3 Investment Strategies

1 Financial Consultation

1% Service Fee




An enhanced plan designed with more features than the ‘Regular’ plan of Treasure Solution.

Daily Financial News

50 Personal Recommendations

Daily Investment Activities

50  Investment Strategies

10  Financial Consultation

Free Service Fee




The ultimate, luxurious plan offering the most features of Treasure Solution.

Daily Financial News

Unlimited Personal Recommendations

Daily Investment Activities

Unlimited  Investment Strategies

Unlimited  Financial Consultation

Free Service Fee

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Julie Diaz


They know how to solve your money problems in minutes. What a timesaver! I asked lots of questions as I’m new into this. They were really patient and considerate to explain everything to me in detail. I also received a quick response everytime I contacted them. I really made another smart choice and chose them as my investment consultants. No regrets!

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